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Finance tracker for the eco-minded consumer. Track your impulse spending and carbon footprint, all-in-one.

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Top features to benefit your financial wellbeing

Avoid impulsive overspending

Stay updated on your impulse spending
and learn to reduce over time

Goals and spending tracker

Set goals and track your progress
Set limits on categories like food & drinks

See subscriptions in one place

You’ll be able to see your billing history and subscriptions list to optimize your spending

Reduce carbon footprint

See how much CO2 is created from your spending, how to reduce it, and buy offsets

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About Us

"I love Lightfoot. It makes it easy to stop impulse spending..."


"So good see all of my subscriptions from all accounts in one place!"


"Finally, an easy way to track and offset my carbon footprint 💕"


"I've always wanted to know what my carbon footprint was."


Frequently asked questions

Trust and Security

Data security is our number one priority. That's why we use bank-level security solutions to ensure your data is kept safe. We partner with Plaid, the world's leading fintech company to bring you the highest security possible. Checkout their website for more details.  (

How does Lightfoot help me save?

Lightfoot helps you save money by providing you the tools to better understand the psychology of your spending. Saving money isn't just about implementing a budget. If it we're we'd all be rich. The hard part about saving money is managing the emotional rollercoaster of life (going out with friends, shopping, browsing the web). We have created a simple way for you to see exactly where you're impulsively overspending, so you can think about it more clearly.

What is a carbon footprint?

A carbon footprint is a measure of how much energy you consume. The basic principle is that everything we do consumes energy. Currently, our way of life depends on energy which we obtain from non-renewable resources such as fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are used everywhere and unfortunately   emits   C02   and   contributes   to   climate change.

How is my carbon footprint calculated?

You may have seen the plethora of carbon footprint calculators online. They are all fairly similar, simple, but not intuitive to use. What makes Lightfoot different is that we have developed a technology around calculating your carbon footprint based using your monthly spending (i.e. where you shop). We use emissions data and information from your spending to determine the carbon footprint of every transaction. This is an important step in advancing climate science and tools, as most people are now accustomed to having things accessible through the click of a button.

What is carbon offsetting?

Carbon offsetting refers to activities that sequester carbon (planting trees, using less energy, using renewable energy sources, etc.). The basic idea behind offsetting is that you can "remove" as much carbon as you are "putting in", so that your net carbon footprint is 0. For example, I might have a carbon footprint of X, but if I also plant a whole bunch of trees which are taking carbon out of the atmosphere, then they cancel out.

Mission & values

Advancing climate action through software

- Climate change is a global problem, so we need solutions that scale to the globe. We believe software is the a big part of the answer.
- We believe part of the problem is a lack of data. How can we improve what we cannot measure?
- As the globe continues to computerize, more data will be available, which we believe will increase the breadth and scope of carbon software technologies.

First principles

- We have a bias to thinking in first principles.
- Our thinking is not defined by consensus, but by data, hard fact, logic, and completeness.


- People hate complexity.
- Our goal is to radically simplify the process of climate action so that everyone can participate in solving climate issues.

Incentive alignment

- When the incentives for doing the right thing are aligned, the right thing happens.
- Our goal is to increase the incentives eco-minded choices.


- Educated and mindful consumers make the best decisions for themselves and the environment.
- Climate science it opaque and political, and this often scares away many well-meaning people who want to leave a better world for future generations.

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